Piscifun Backpack Cooler

Brand info

Manufacture:  Piscifun

Established:  2013

Headquarters:  China


Backpack info

Dimensions:  12.97L  x  9.83 W x  19.26H

Storage:  Holds up to 36 cans with ice

Features:  Cold insulation up 72hrs


Piscifun Backpack Cooler

Piscifun backpack cooler is going to have a huge impact on your outdoor fun and outdoor events.  With the ability to carry up to 36 can inside the cooler that equals a lot of space for food fun and drinks.  The outer covering is coated and made from top high quality TPU material.  Thermoplastic polyurethane, better known as TPU, which is a blend of rubber and plastic.  The outer coating keeps the backpack protected while outside sitting in the sun for long periods.  Keep your item inside and cold for up to 72 hours.  The NBR insulation which is Nitrile rubber insulation is a very versatile and flexible insulation. It is widely used the Industrial insulation, air-conditioning, plumbing and hvac industries.  The back seals tight with no leaks and is also waterproof which is a great outdoor use.