Mr. Peanut Pet Carrier


Brand Info

Manufacture:  Mr. Peanut

Established:  2016

Headquarters:  Henderson, NV


Backpack Info

Dimensions: 17"L x 10"W x 10"H

Storage: Small pet 

Features:  4 windows

Pricing: $$$



mr peanut pet carrier backpack

Mr Peanut Pet Carriers for Small Dogs

Ideal for trips like biking, hiking, and other activities where you don't have hands to carry a bag. With a frameless top that is extra pliable and easily compressible, it can also be used as an airline-capable carrier that fits under seats in the cabin. Because the tote cannot be pushed open by your pet from the inside, premium brand auto-locking zippers are safer and eliminate the need for fragile clasps.



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