K-Cliffs Backpack for Sports


Brand info

Manufacture:  K-Cliff Sports 

Headquarters:  Pico Rivera, CA


Backpack Info

Dimensions:  13.5"L x 19"H x 7"W

Storage:  Multi-pocket inside and out

Features:  Basketball/soccer ball carrier

Pricing: $


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front view K-Cliffs Sports backpack

K-Cliffs backpack for sports equipment

K-Cliffs backpack for sport is perfect for active student athletes; this backpacks has space for equipment and books.  Large space for laptop and devices along with pockets for a baseball, a detachable mesh pocket that is stored in the bottom pocket of backpack can be used to carry basketball or soccer ball as well.  Side pockets for water balls and sports drinks.  Built durable and rain resistant using heavy duty polyester materials.  The K-Cliffs sport equipment backpack is a great bag for young and older athletes; backpack offers enough room for all your sports gear.



Price:  $

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