Dewalt Tool Backpack


Brand info

Manufacture:  Dewalt Tool

Established:  1924

Headquarters:  Baltimore, Maryland


Backpack info

Dimensions: L x W x H  inches

Pockets:  57

Features:  Light

Pricing:   $$$



Dewalt Tool Backpack w/light

The Dewalt Tool Backpack features 57 pockets and compartments for your tools. Great organization and storage for your tools and durable.  Also features an adjustable level LED light, good for additional job lighting or light the inside of bag to find tool and small items.  Dewalt Tools is long standing American manufacturer of all types of power hand tool since 1923, with a large following of loyal commercial contractors.  This tool backpack has serious storage place for all your tools and gear.  With the added LED light you have an added feature that can be handy on the job.


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