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We love our dogs, cats and small pets and surely want them to be safe and secure at home and during travel.  I am sure you´re probably more concerned about and for your dogs safety while outside the home.  By all means the first way to maintain to your dogs safety is simply have them properly leached while outside, this is first recommendation.  Another one of the best ways to safely travel locally and long distance with a pet carrier for small dogs or for other pets.

Are you aware of all the different varieties of pet carriers; backpack carriers, sling carriers, duffel bag carriers, etc. Have you used one or are you searching for pet carriers for small dogs?   Have you notice that more and more pet owners are traveling with their pets locally; pet owners are simply taking their pets along with them to more places and of course to pet friendly stores.  Small dogs seem to attract a lot of attention; having your small dog or pet secured in a pet carrier can certainly keep them safe.  Our furry friends and other pets may be used as support pets for the owner; and simply may  also be just cute attention grabbing pets to an outsider.  Its probably best practice to keep your pet safe and secure from others and keep others hands away from your pets.

Are you looking for more information on securing your pet for travel a great resource is the Center for Pet Safety.  You can go there an get additional information on all subjects for pet safety.

Covono Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack

front view Covono pet carrier

Looking for to a versatile pet backpack with many unique features, this pet carrier by COVONO is a top pick on our list.  If your concerned with ventilation for your pet this backpack offers a design that give your pet the most breathable space.  The breathable space also allows for you to have great visible access to your pet; you can see through the mess windows that your pet is safe and enjoying the ride.

Keep your pet protected, secure and comfortable with this well ventilated expansible pet carrier.  The interior of the backpack can be doubled in size thanks to the extensible design on the back. It not only improves air circulation but also makes it more comfortable for your pet to be inside and gives them more room.


Sherpa Travel Backpacks For Pets

front view Sherpa Travel Backpacks for pets

The Sherpa travel backpack & pet carrier for small dogs and cats is a unique Two in One backpack for your pets.  This carrier features to different ways to carry your pet; your pet can be carried on your back in classic hands free backpack position or in duffel bag sling position.   Either way you choose to carry your pet this backpack has a patented spring wire design that is rigid and durable for safe traveling efforts with your pet.

Another great benefit with owning this backpack is airline travel; this backpack meets the recommended airline dimension guideline for under seat stowing.  When not in use the backpack folds down flat for easy storage.  Additionally, the carrier has two pockets for conveniently storing treats, leashes, and poop bags, mesh windows for ventilation, top and double-sided access with locking zippers for safety, and a padded, adjustable, no-slip carrying strap.

HALOVIE Pet Carrier Backpack Expandable

front view hallovie pet backpack

Expandable pet carrier backpack by HALOVIE for dogs and cats weighing up to 18 lbs., as well as a fold-able carrier for small dogs, rabbits, and puppies.  When you don't want your pet to walk anywhere, the HALOVIE Pet Backpack's spacious extendable back provides them more area to move around and significantly lowers their uneasiness. When not in use, the collapsible design helps you conserve room.

Compared to other subpar pet backpacks on the market, this one is thicker and more durable since it is made of 100% premium Oxford cloth (no poor ventilation plastic bubble). Additional features include a strengthened base, a removable and washable soft pad on the bottom, and dual-sided design with one furry side for winter and the other for summer.  Built-in safety rope that you can fasten to your pet's collar stops them from escaping when the pet backpack is opened. High-quality metal zipper with an anti-escape buckle is used to keep dogs from fleeing.


Petsfit Soft Pet Backpack

front view petfits pet carrier

For small to medium-sized dogs, cats, and rabbits, the Petsfit Dog Backpack Carrier is an easy-fit pet travel backpack carrier for hiking, walking, and cycling.  Our backpack has a solidly reinforced frame to avoid collapsing on your pet while you're traveling. Removable cozy mat makes cleaning up a breeze while letting your pet relax within.  Your pet has visibility and air circulation thanks to the four mesh windows.

Watch out for your pet, the dog backpack carrier has a sturdy locked zipper (in the opening) and a built-in safety belt to prevent pets from escaping from inside. It also has a thickened zipper on the bottom, is made with high-quality materials, is long-lasting, and is difficult to break.  The chest, waist, and shoulder buckles on this dog backpack carrier serve to lighten the load and prevent the shoulder straps from slipping when the pet is moving.

IDEE Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack

front view IDEE Expandable Pet Carrier backpack

For tiny dogs, cats, and rabbits, IDEE's expandable pet carrier backpack features mesh ventilation and a clear window. Very useful camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.  Extra thick padding on the adjustable shoulder straps and back of the ergonomic pet backpack carrier promotes comfort and lightens the load. The carriers backpack chest and belly straps keep the stability, distribute the weight, and balance the load for lengthy walks, rides, sightseeing, camping, trekking, bicycling, and other outdoor activities in particular.

With the top and side entrances on the pet travel carrier, it's simple for your pet to poke their head out. You don't need to put the puppy travel bag down to feed or play with him. Additionally, the three breathable mesh windows are intended for air ventilation and visibility. More light enters through the front translucent sheet. Pets can enjoy a clear view of their surroundings and have unrestricted airflow while traveling, feeling calm and at ease.

 Mr Peanut Pet Carrier

mr peanut pet carrier backpackMr Peanut Monterey Series pet frame-less backpack carrier for small pets is very resourceful.  This another carrier from the list that is perfect for trips involving bicycling, hiking, airline travel or other activities when you can't carry a tote with your hands. Exterior is made of from a very strong waterproof nylon material that is used the manufacturing of military grade parachutes.  The lookout windows for your pet are made from Teslin resin mesh which is strong and allows for your pet to get fresh air into all four sides of the carrier.

This backpack has a padding plywood insert for your pet; this allows your pet to lie down and be comfortable during travel.  Convertible shoulder straps with padding and thick metal connectors for increased security. Backpack carrier also features seat belt attachments to help car your pet safer while inside carrier and riding in a vehicle.

Finding the perfect carrier for your furry friend can be challenging.

Finding the perfect size carrier has never been easier. No longer do you have to settle for carriers that are either too big or too small. Our pick for the most suitable pet carrier backpack would The Mr Peanut.  It offers the ideal fit for small to medium-sized dogs, giving you peace of mind knowing that your pet is comfortable and secure.  But don't let me be the final decision, each pet carrier listed offers something unique to you and your pet.

With its convertible shoulder straps with padding and thick metal connectors for increased security allow with plywood insert this backpack ensures comfort for your fury friend as well you when carrying them. Carry your pet around for extended periods without experiencing any discomfort or strain on your back.

Don't compromise on the quality, size, and comfort of your pet carrier. Leave a comment below on which pet carrier backpack you chose.


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Last updated on October 11, 2023

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